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Go Green with BVMHCC

Eco System : An Ecosystem is a fundamental unit consisting of interacting organism and all aspect of environment in a specific area .It contains both living (biotic)and non- living (a biotic) components through which energy flows.
Ecology : In the science of relationship between organisms and their environment. It is a study of organisams “at home” as  intrinsically interrelated ,interconnected and interdependent. The ecological process in natural ecosystems provide a variety of products on which human life depends.

Green life

Going green is a concept for people to learn how to make environmental friendly choices .One of the criteria for quality of life is a clean and pollution free environment. Go green help people become more aware of how daily choices affect our environment-the eco system .Eg. Plants are producers in eco system. They convert   inorganic   instances like CO2 and H2O into organic food using sunlight .Hence Tree care   and plantation will arrest carbon omissions and preserve Ozone layer.

In order to promote the concept of green life a Green Club under the auspicious of Go Green with BVM HCC is  formed in the College.The membership is limited to 30 active and serious students only. Those who wish to join may contact Prof.Antony Lukose Department of Commerce. The club members have the privilege of green camp,green visits etc. They will be  catelysts  of  the greenmovement in the College.

Green Club

“Give one more day to Mother Earth”
Save clean air,fuel  sources,Water and soil for the coming generations.


  • Plant and care trees
  • Don’t waste water
  • Switch things off when not in use
  • Reduce and re-use your rubbish
  • Encourage the use of energy saving light bulbs
  • Use less plastic carry bags
  • Promote the use of cloth and paper bags

For promoting an ecofriendly green life the Go Green movement honour  the Department which contribute maximum for an eco-friendly living by awarding the ‘Green Department’ award. The Green Department will be rewarded with Rs.5000/- cash prize and a memento.

Green Department Award

Specific guidelines for the selection of Green Department Award are given below:

  1. Awareness programme for students   (100)
  2. Upkeeping of garden                              (50)
  3. Cleanliness,beautification etc of Departments and Classroom                 (50)
  4. Best practices in saving electricity,water and anti-pollution Campaign  (25)
  5. Outreach programme for students on Go Green.                 (25)
  6. ‘Say  No’ to plastic.                                                                  ( 50)
  7. Green Book –A brief record of activities by Department for the promotion of an eco-friendly Environment.(50)
  8. Participation in College Green Day Celebration                 (50)