Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam

Managed by Holy Cross Forane Church, Cherpunkal

Gods Own College in Gods Own Country


An overview of the Library System

The Library will be open from 9.00 am to 5pm on all days except on Sundays and other office holydays. The library follows Closed Access System. (Efforts are also going on to implement the Open Access System). It has a collection of nearly 6000 books. Most of the books are either subject related books from reputed international and national publishers or text books from different universities. Books are classified as per the DDC rules and specifications.

Reference Section (PTO) : In addition to the books available in the general category, a large number of high quality reference books written by world famous expert-authors are available in the Reference Section of this Library. Students and faculty members make better use of these resources every day. As these books are very expensive and rarely available, they will be issued only for reference purpose. Members have to get permission from the Library staff to take ref.books out of the library for reproduction purposes.

Section for IGNOU studies : This Library is indeed proud to accommodate a unique and separate Book-collection for the students who are pursuing IGNOU courses. Only a few Libraries in this region can boast of such state-of-the-art facilities in this arena. A large collection of latest books are available here. IGNOU students are making good use of these books during their free hours.

Section for Bound Volumes : Bound Volumes of previously published leading magazines and journals are an integral part of research-oriented learning system. Our library holds a large collection of bound copies of famous academic and non-academic publications. These are available to the students and staff for reference purpose.

Computerisation : Recently, we have completed the computer-supported automation process in the library under which the ‘issue and return operation’ is done fully through computers. The world famous KOHA software is being introduced in tune with the current changes and needs of the learners. ID cards with compatible barcodes were given to all the students in the college.

Digital Library : The library presently holds a large number of digital materials in the form of CDs, DVDs and other Drive-formats. Efforts are on to elaborate the present system to form a full-fledged Digital Wing of the library.

Internet facility : The management has also plans to introduce internet facility in the library in line with the current trend. It will enable the students and faculty members to avail the ‘ready-NET-reference’ facility within the four walls of the library.

Computerised self-searching facility : In order to avoid the boredom and inconvenience during the searching of books which are placed across the shelves and to know the availability of the books, the use of KOHA supported computers are found to be a great blessings. Major libraries are providing this facility. BVM College Library is soon to launch such a system.

Open Access System : Once the facilities are ready, the much- awaited and most needed Open Access System in the library will be implemented. to increase the students participation in the library ,it is proposed to conduct various competitions and quiz contest on International Book-Day and Teachers Day etc. Finally, the tag line “Evidently Excellent “holds elegantly good in each and every aspects of library.