Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam

Managed by Holy Cross Forane Church, Cherpunkal

Gods Own College in Gods Own Country

Radiant stars


“Radiant stars” is a club especially frames for those students who have been identified as advanced learners on the basis of their overall performance in the class. It has been formed to provide opportunities to these privileged students for polishing their brains. This will enable them to be compatible in today’s competitive era.


■ To identify the students with special talent and potential to learn.
■ To provide them the opportunities to explore and polish their hidden talent.
■ To inculcate the quality of a good leader and effective manager among students. To enable the students to do team work.
■ To enhance knowledge base and confidence level of members.
■ To improve their personality.
■ To equip the members with the skills for today’s competitive world.
Selection of Members
■ Top 50 students will be selected.
■ Students getting above 85% marks from first year onwards will be considered for this club.
Action Plan
During the session various challenging tasks including quiz, talent hunt, literary competitions, team building exercises etc. will be organized for ‘Radiant Stars’ where they will learn and provide themselves.