Attendance and leave

• The working day is divided into two sessions: the forenoon session of three periods and the afternoon session of two periods
• Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacherengaging the period.
• Late comers may be given or refused attendance for the period or markedlate at the discretion of the teacher concerned. If a student is absent forone hour it will be treated as absent for half a day and if his/her absence isfor two or more hours, it will be treated as
absence for one full day.
• For the purpose of attendance, all working days irrespective of thenumber of working periods shall be considered as full working days.
• The annual certificate of attendance and progress required by theuniversity for promotion for admission to the university examination will in no case be granted unless.:-

  • The student has attended not less than 75% of the number of
    working days of the academic year and
  • The principal is convinced that the students’ progress and conduct are satisfactory.
  • A student requiring leave for a particular period may be granted leave by the teacher concerned.
  • Application for leave for more than a period must be submitted to the Principal through the class teacher and the HOD by the student himself / herself.
  • Every application of leave shall be countersigned by the student’s guardian and recommended by the teacher in charge and the head of the department. For hostel students, the warden’s recommendation is sufficient.
  • No student should absent himself/herself from the class without leave.
  • Absence without leave from college or any class examination or from a composition or practical work period will be reported by the respective teachers to the Principal. Such absence will be
    tantamount to losing attendance for the day.
  • Leave of absence from a college terminal examination should be obtained from the principal after being recommended by the class teacher.
  • A student absenting himself/herself for a period exceeding five working days whether with leave or without leave should, on her return to the college report himself/herself to the principal.
  • When leave is required in case of sickness for more than three
    consecutive days, application for the same must be supported by a medical certificate.