Institutional Distinctiveness

Holy Cross Providential Enlightenment Service (HOPES)

Holy Cross Providential Enlightenment Service (HOPES) is a registered charitable society under the Travancore Cochin Literacy and Charitable Societies Act 1955. Society registration number is K-70/08. HOPES works as a community lab, paves the way to develop social responsibility among students of BVM Holy Cross College along with their classroom studies. HOPES take initiatives not only for the betterment of students of BVM Holy Cross College, but also for the outside community so that they get ample opportunities to build their own lives.

Vision Just and self-reliant society with highly resourceful people living in harmony and mutual help.
Mission To serve as a coordinating body committed to promote, support and sustain in the socio-economic condition and developmental initiatives of the poor and the marginalized through social mobilization, empowerment and decentralization.

  • To empower less privileged children through educational sponsorship, ensuring access to quality education, fostering literacy, and supporting lifelong learning.
  • To facilitate the socio-economic empowerment of tribal communities by preserving indigenous cultures, promoting skill development, and enhancing capacity-building initiatives.
  • To raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices in communities.
  • To provide counselling services for individuals facing emotional, psychological, or social challenges.
  • To promote preventive healthcare practices, raising awareness about common health issues, and collaborating with professionals to provide medical assistance, education, and emergency relief services.
Thematic Areas
  • Child Education Sponsorship Program
  • Tribal Development Program
  • Environment Protection Program
  • Counselling and Career Guidance.
  • Health Care and Services

Activities and Evidence

Child Education Sponsorship Program

Children in the Cherpunkal region were selected as beneficiaries, and study materials were distributed to them at Govt Ashramam LP School Mutholi, with around 60 participants including beneficiary students and parents. In 2019-2020, HOPES and Sanchari Unit collaborated to distribute study kits on September 13, 2019, at BVM Holy Cross College’s Conference Hall, aiming to foster student interest in learning and provide conducive learning conditions, with 30 students participating. However, the academic years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 faced significant disruptions due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, severely impacting the education sector. Despite challenges, HOPES adapted its student support program by distributing phones instead of study kits to economically disadvantaged families during the lockdown period, collecting and delivering over 10 phones from December 1, 2020, to January 1, 2021, to rural areas.

Counselling and Career Guidance

Sensitisation Programmes: HOPES, in collaboration with Poonjar Grama Panchayat, conducted an online awareness class on “SCREEN ADDICTION” for students and their parents on August 14, 2021. On June 18, 2022, Kudumbasree organized an awareness class and activity session for approximately 30 Balasabha members at Muttom Kudumbashree Hall. Another seminar titled “Moulding Family for a Better Future” took place at Anganwadi in Manjoor on May 22, 2022, with the participation of over 20 parents and students. Additionally, on October 9, 2020, St. Augustine’s High School in Peringulam hosted a seminar addressing “ALCOHOL ADDICTION” to raise awareness among students and parents regarding the dangers and consequences associated with alcohol consumption and impaired driving.

Individual Counselling: HOPES provided individual counselling services for students, offering a safe space to address emotional challenges, enhance coping skills, and navigate academic and personal issues. During COVID 19 Pandemic HOPES extended its services to wider public by collaborating with LSGs and given tele-counselling support to affected patients and with isolated people.

Career Guidance Program: HOPES has been actively providing career guidance sessions to students from various educational levels. Initially focusing on higher secondary students, the program extended to college students, adapting to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by shifting to online platforms. Led by different resource persons, these sessions aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed career decisions

Internship: Hopes acts a live lab for students to do their internship programmes. And thereby up skill themselves as better professionals.

Health Care and Services

Organ Donation Awareness class: The Organ Donation Awareness class conducted by HOPES aimed to enlighten the community about the importance of organ donation. Mr. Aby Jacob, (Organ Donation Coordinator of Pushpagiri Medical College) served as the resource person for the event.

Menstrual and Reproductive Health: The HOPES conducted awareness class for students in Mutholi grama panchayath. The session aimed to dispel stigma and provide accurate information to students, covering topics such as menstrual hygiene, reproductive anatomy, common disorders, and accessing healthcare services.

Cancer Awareness Class: HOPES in association with Mutholi Grama panchayath conducted an awareness class on Cancer on 8th April 2019. The class was held at Mutholi Grama panchayath. It became a platform to answer many questions about cancer and its testing method.  Tresya, a resident of Mutholi gram panchayat, shared her experiences of surviving cancer.  40 above members were participated in the Class.

Aids Day Obesrvation: As part of AIDS day awareness program the students of BVM Holy Cross College in association with HOPES conducted Street Play in towns of Cherpunkal and pala. The primary goal of Street Play was to raise awareness about AIDS on World AIDS Day.

Eye Check-up Campaign: On 21/7/2019, a successful Eye Checkup Camp was conducted at Mutholy, which was inaugurated by Mr. Renjith G, the President of Mutholy Panchayat. A team of experienced ophthalmologists and medical staff of Fathima Eye Hospital Pala conducted comprehensive eye examinations, distributed eyeglasses to those in need, and raised awareness about the importance of regular eye checkups.

Food Collection Campaign: Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, HOPES initiated a food collection campaign aimed at alleviating food insecurity within vulnerable communities. Through rigorous adherence to safety protocols, community engagement, and strategic distribution processes, HOPES mobilized resources, collected essential food items, and distributed them to those most in need. 

Mental Health Support in Flood Affected Area: In response to the flooding crisis in Moonilavu, HOPES NGO swiftly implemented a vital mental health support program aimed at addressing the profound psychological impact on affected individuals and communities. Through meticulous needs assessments, the program delivered personalized counseling, psychoeducation, and psychosocial support interventions, facilitated by trained professionals and dedicated volunteers. 

Tribal Development Program

Drishya 2K18 initiated a 7-day rural camp in Kanthalloor from October 15th to 21st, 2018, as part of the Tribal Development Program, aiming to understand tribal lifestyles, challenges, and culture. Pratheeksha 2K19 followed, conducting a collection campaign to aid flood-affected areas in Wayanad, with a subsequent rural camp held from August 21st to 31st, 2019. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ithal 2K21 persisted, with Kanthalloor selected as the community focus, conducting need assessment surveys and community programs. Thalir 2K22, a 3-day tribal development program, ensued in Kanthalloor, incorporating community enrichment initiatives, need assessment surveys, and provision of study materials to tribal students, all in collaboration with the Department of Social Work, marking continued efforts towards tribal upliftment and support.

Environment Protection Program

Energy Conservation Program: In 2019-2020, several Urjakiran energy conservation awareness programs were conducted in Meenachil and Mutholi areas. In Meenachil, programs were held at the Grama Panchayath and a primary health center, with government officials and participants from the community attending. Similarly, in Mutholi, a program was conducted involving hospital staff and ASHA workers. In 2020-21, awareness programs focused on energy conservation at home in Poonjar and Kidangoor Grama Panchayaths. In 2021-22, activities included an awareness rally and a signature collection campaign in Poonjar. In 2022-23, Kidangoor Grama Panchayath was selected for energy conservation awareness classes, while an environment protection awareness program was conducted for students at St. Mary’s L.P school. In 2022 an awareness Rally from Panachikappara Town to Gramapanchayath and  a signature collection campaign in the Poonjar Town was conducted

Flood Relief – Material Collection Campaign: In response to the devastating floods in Muthumala, Wayanad and in Kuttikal, Kottayam, HOPES NGO organized a flood relief material collection activity to provide urgent assistance to the affected community. Through community engagement and needs assessment, essential supplies such as food, water, shelter materials, clothing, and medical supplies were gathered from donors and sorted for distribution.