Vision: ‘Independent learning & self-analysis’ is the key to Success in Life.

Bishop Vayalil Memorial Holy Cross College Library and Information Centre, an integral part of the institution since its inception in 1995, has consistently evolved to meet the diverse needs of the student community and faculty. Through significant renovations and infrastructural enhancements, the library has transformed into a modern and dynamic hub of knowledge. Embracing innovation, the library focuses on providing best-in-class academic content, knowledge resources and current information to students and faculty. Policies and procedures are in place to encourage learners to maximize the use of the diverse resources available, showcasing a commitment to academic excellence.

With a 2100 sq ft space, the College Library offers state-of-the-art facilities and services. Through specialized sections catering to career resources, bound volumes, previous question papers and academic projects the library promotes independent reading, critical thinking and digital interactions, fostering Faculty-student engagement. Operating on an Open Access System, it provides free access to all resources, utilizing KOHA as the library management software for efficient online learning and book searches. The library’s dedication to inclusivity is evident through special arrangements for visually/physically challenged learners. The library is actively integrating digital and online resources into its offerings. Plans are underway to install N-List and other online resources accessible through the National Digital Library Platform of the Government of India, ensuring uninterrupted access to educational materials and fostering adaptability in the learning environment.

The Library & Information Department at Bishop Vayalil Memorial Holy Cross College champions independent learning and self-analysis. Best practices include the observance of Reading Day and International Book Day, promoting confident soft skills through loud reading. The Manuscripts Collection encourages creative expression and enhances writing skills, while the Career Development Wing supports students in securing jobs aligned with their skills and qualifications.

The library’s commitment extends beyond academics, with displays of inspirational quotes, moral ideas and a Feedback Register for continuous improvement. A Media Album featuring college milestones and print media updates fosters awareness and appreciation among library visitors. Operating from 9 AM TO 5 PM on all days (except Sundays and Holidays), the library stands as a holistic knowledge hub, housing over 7370 books, 20+ periodicals, and 8 newspapers. In its pursuit of excellence, the library at Bishop Vayalil Memorial Holy Cross College remains dedicated to creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.