Examination Rules

Mid Semester Tests and Examinations:-
Examination results are an analysis of the progress of students’ studies in the present academic atmosphere. To check this, periodic tests will be held from time to time. As per the university pattern, a fully-fledged test will be held in October and March.

  1. Rules And Regulations Regarding Examination:-
  2. Model Examinations begin at 10.00 a.m. Students should enter the hall at the first bell at 9.45 a.m.
  3. All students must come to the college with their identity cards.
  4. No student can leave the examination hall before half-time, i.e. 11.30 a.m.
  5. Mobile phone should not be taken in the hall during examination.
  6. The seating plan will be displayed at the entrance of the college building as well as outside the respective classrooms.
  7. No borrowing of pen, pencil, scale, etc. will be allowed.
  8. Every student should sign on the signature sheet.
  9. If any student is found copying or indulging in any other malpractice during the examination, the Principal will seriously deal with the case.
  10. Complete silence should be observed in the examination hall.
  11. Eligibility for University Examination:
  12. 75% attendance of the full course delivered in each subject is mandatory to appear for the University examination.
  13. Application forms with prescribed fees must be paid in the college office at the stipulated time to get eligibility to write University examinations.
  14. Since the University does not permit regular college students to be converted into private candidates, a student not fulfilling the University examination eligibility conditions may lose one academic year.