Bishop Vayalil Memorial Holy Cross College is noted for the ecosystem it provides for
students’ innovations and the initiatives taken for the creation and transfer of knowledge and
technology. Diverse programmes organized by the institution raises awareness about
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among the students and faculty. To cultivate and nurture the
creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills of students, the college has a fully functioning
Entrepreneurship Development (ED). Through various initiatives, the club actively promotes
the entrepreneurial skills and creativity in students encouraging them to think critically and
come up with innovative ideas.
Various Fests and other events organized by the institution contribute to the development of
innovation among students. The students get immense opportunities to showcase their talents,
exchange their ideas and collaborate on innovative projects. Skill enhancement of students
through workshops, seminars and training programmes are prioritized by the college. Projects,
dissertations and activities such as short film making and documentaries are integral
components of the college’s approach to building an innovation ecosystem.