Course Details

Semester 1

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1CO1CRT01Dimensions and Methodology of Business StudiesCore
2ML1CCT11Kadha, Kavitha NadakamLanguage
3EN1CCT01Fine tune Your EnglishCommon
4HN1CCT01Prose,Commercial correspondanceLanguage
5CO1CRT03Corporate Regulations and AdministrationCore
6CO1CMT01Banking and InsuranceCore
7CO1CRT02Financial Accounting ICore

Semester 2

SlNoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1CO2CRT04Financial Accounting IICore
2HN2CCT02Poetry & mass MediaLanguage
3ML2CCT12Gadhyam, YathravivaranamLanguage
4CO2CMT02Principles of Business DecisionsCore
5CO2CRT06Business ManagementCore
6CO2CRT05Business Regulatory FrameworkCore
7EN2CC03Issues That MatterCommon

Semester 3

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1EN3CCT05Liturature and/as IdentityCommon
2CO3CRT10Marketing ManagementCore
3CO3CRT08Quantitative Techniques for Business- 1Core
4CO3CRT07Corporate Accounts ICore
5CO3CRT09Financial Markets and OperationsCore
6CO3OCT01Finance and Taxation-Goods and Services TaxCore

Semester 4

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
2CO4CRT13Entrepreneurship Development and Project ManagementCore
3CO4CRT11Corporate Accounts IICore
4CO4CRT12Quantitative Techniques for Business- IICore
5CO4OCT01Finance and Taxation- Financial ServicesCore

Semester 5

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1CO5CRT15Environment Management and Human RightsCore
2CO5CRT14Cost Accounting – 1Core
3CO5CMT07E- CommerceComplementary
4CO5OCT01Income Tax- IComplementary
5 Open Course 

Semester 6

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1CO6PR01Project and VivaCore
2CO6CRT20Management AccountingCore
3CO6CRT18Advertisement and Sales ManagementCore
4CO6CRT17Cost Accounting – 2Core
5CO6CMT09Income Tax- Assessment and PlanningElective
6CO6OCT01Income Tax- IIElective