Course Details

Semester 1

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1SW010101Social Sciences for Social WorkCore
2SW010102Human Growth and DevelopmentCore
3SW010103History, Philosophy and Fields of Social WorkCore
4SW010104Social Work Practice with IndividualsCore
5SW010105Social Work Practice with CommunitiesCore
6SW010106Field Practicum 

Semester 2

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1SW010201Introduction to Abnormal and Social PsychologyCore
2SW010202Counselling and PsychotherapyCore
3SW010203Professional Skills for Social WorkersCore
4SW010204Social Work practice with GroupsCore
5SW010205Social Work Research and StatisticsCore
6SW010206Field Practicum 2 

Semester 3

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1SW010301Planning and Implementation of Development ProjectsCore
2SW010302Administration of Human Service OrganizationsCore
3SW010303Field Practicum 3Core
4SW800301Rural & Urban CommunitySpecialization
5SW800302Environment and Disaster ManagementSpecialization
6SW800303Community Health for Development PracticeSpecialization
7SW810301Social Work Practice With FamiliesSpecialization
8SW810302Policies and Programmes for Children and YouthSpecialization
9SW810303Population dynamics and Reproductive and Child HealthSpecialization
10SW820301Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis of Psychiatric DisordersSpecialization
11SW820302Social Work in the Field of HealthSpecialization
12SW820303Health Care Administration and Community HealthSpecialization

Semester 4

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1SW010401Social Legislation and Human RightsCore
2SW010402Gerentological Social WorkCore
3SW010403Field Practicum 4Core
5SW010405Internship ( After the completion of fourth semester examination)Core
6SW800401Human Resource Management for Development PracticeSpecialization
7SW800402Economic Development: Theory and PracticeSpecialization
8SW810401Therapeutic Interventions in the field of Family and Child WelfareSpecialization
9SW820401Social Work Interventions in the field of mental healthSpecialization
10SW820402School Mental Health and Social Work PracticeSpecialization
11SW6VVT10Comprehensive Viva VoceCore
12SW810402Social Work In EducationSpecialization