Course Details

Semester 1

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1EN1CCT01Fine – Tune Your EnglishCommon
2MM1CRT01Art and Visual Perception ICore
3MM1CRT02Introduction to communicationCore
4VC1CRP01Craft for Still ImageCore
5VC1CRP02Visualization and IllustrationComplementary

Semester 2

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1EN2CCT03Issues that MatterCommon
2MM2CRT05Art and Visual Perception IICore
3VC2PRP01Motion Picture PhotographyCore
4VC2CMP03Fundamentals of AnimationComplementary
5VC2CRP04Graphic design ICore

Semester 3

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1VC3PRP02Sound and CommunicationCore
2VC3PRP03Screen Play Writing – Content CreationCore
3VC3CRP06Principles of Visual EditingCore
4VC3CMT05Advertising Paper IComplementary
5MM3PRP03Elements of DirectionComplementary

Semester 4

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1VC4PRP04Advertising Paper IICore
2VC4PRP05Graphic Design IICore
3VC4CRP07Digital 2DCore
4MM4CMT12Media ManagementComplementary
5VC4CRT13Moving Images Visual CommunicationCore

Semester 5

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1AG5CRT14Environmental Studies and Human RightsCore
2VC5CMP14Visual EffectsComplementary
3VC5PRP06Television ProductionComplementary
4VC5CRP153 D StudioCore
5 Open CourseOpen

Semester 6

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
2VC6PRP07Advertising ProjectCore
3MM6PRP07ENG ProductionComplementary
4VC6PRP08Animation/Graphic DesignComplementary
6MM6PRP09Analysis of a Fiction or Non Fiction FilmComplementary