Course Details

Semester 1

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1EN1CCT01 Fine – Tune Your English Common
2CO1CMT03Business Communication and MIS   Complementary
3CO1CRT01Dimensions and Methodology of Business StudiesCore
4CO1CRT02Financial Accounting ICore
5CO1CRT03Corporate Regulations and AdministrationCore
6CO1CMT01Banking and InsuranceComplementary

Semester 2

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1 EN2CCT03Issues that Matter Common
2CO2CMT04Business EnvironmentComplementary
3CO2CRT04Financial Accounting IICore
4CO2CRT05Business Regulatory FrameworkCore
5CO2CRT21Business ManagementCore
6CO2CMT02Principles of Business DecisionsComplementary

Semester 3

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1CO3CMT05Business Ethics and Corporate Social ResponsibilityComplementary
2CO3CRT07Corporate Accounting ICore
3CO3CRT08Quantitative Techniques for Business- 1Core
4CO3CRT09Financial Markets and OperationsCore
5CO3CRT10Marketing ManagementCore
6  CO3OCT08  Data Analytics for Commerce (Theory)  Core
 Data Analytics for Commerce (Practical)   

Semester 4

Sl No Course Code Course Name Mode
1CO4CMT06Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementComplementary
2CO4CRT11Corporate Accounting IICore
3CO4CRT12Quantitative Techniques for Business- IICore
4CO4CRT13Entrepreneurship Development and Project ManagementCore
5CO4OCT08Programming Languages in Data Analytics (Theory)Core
  Programming Languages in Data Analytics (Practical)   
 CO4OCP01Practical Examination for Data Analytics for Commerce and Programming Languages in Data Analytics

Semester 5

Sl NoCourse CodeCourse NameMode
1CO5CRT14Cost Accounting – 1Core
2CO5CRT15Environment Management and Human RightsCore
3CO5CMT07E- CommerceComplementary
4CO5OCT08For Data Analytics Stream Data Analytics with SPSS (Theory)Core
5 Open Course 

Semester 6

Sl No Course CodeCourse NameMode
1CO6CRT17Cost Accounting – 2 
2CO6CRT18Advertisement and Sales ManagementCore
3CO6CMT13Fundamentals of Financial AnalyticsComplementary
4CO6CRT20Management AccountingCore
5CO6OCT08For Data Analytics Stream Data Analytics with Python (Theory)Core
  For Data Analytics Stream Data Analytics with Python (Practical) 
 CO6OCP02Practical Examination – Data Analytics with SPSS and Data Analytics with PythonCore
6CO6PRT01Project and VivaCore