The Department of Languages of BVM Holy Cross College, Cherpunkal is a constellation of the
languages Hindi, English and Malayalam. Hindi being the official language and the one used by the majority of Indians is given a prominent place in the curriculum. Propagation of Hindi boosts the process of national integration and cements the nation’s unity. Hindi language and literature are the thrust areas of study. Besides, theory and practice of grammar, correspondence and translation are included to
equip the students to be fluent in Hindi, making them competent enough to compete in today’s
competitive world.
The global language English bridges the gap between nations and offers the students boundless
possibilities for attaining wide exposure. English education helps the students to transcend
international boundaries and channelizes them to utilize the myriads of opportunities available to
them. Learning the nuances of English Language and the complexities and grandeur of English
Literature along with developing the skills and abilities of students in grammar, speech, rhetoric
and academics are the focus areas of study.
Learning literature through languages helps the students to understand the depth and complexity
of cultural diversity and differences between the home and target cultures. At the end of the day,
the students will be able to analyze texts and other cultural productions in their historical, social,
and political context and identify how they transmit values. The department unanimously aims to
develop the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills of students and apply them
in multilingual communities of social, cultural, political, economic and intellectual differences.
Inculcating the love for the mother tongue in students in the current era noted for the onslaught
of foreign languages is the target of Malayalam learning. This course enables the students to
track the evolution of the Malayalam literature through ages and to recognize the literary aptitude
among students. The curriculum of Malayalam language and literature also envisions to cultivate
in students the ability to critically analyze literary works so as to instil in them the literary

English is taught as a common course for students of the undergraduate programmes BCA,
BCom Computer Application, BCom Finance and Taxation, BCom Data Analytics, BSW, BA
Multimedia, BA Visual Communication and BSc Mathematics. BCom Computer Application,
BCom Finance and Taxation and BSc Mathematics have Malayalam and Hindi too as common
The department has a dynamic Language Club “Lingua Franca” which works efficiently with a
passionate cluster of literary aspirants who meet on a regular basis and organize literary programmes.