Holy Cross Providential Enlightenment Service (HOPES) is a registered charitable society under the Travancore Cochin Literacy and Charitable Society’s Act 1955. Society registration number is K-70/08. HOPES works as a community lab, paves the way to develop social responsibility among students of BVM Holy Cross College along with their classroom studies. HOPES opens door for a better tomorrow. HOPES take initiatives not only for the betterment of students of BVM Holy Cross College, but also for the outside community so that they get ample opportunities to build their own lives. HOPES tries to create a new culture in development. For this, it gets support from different corners. This support makes HOPES to envisage in various programmes for different sections of society.


Just and self-reliant society with highly resourceful people living in
harmony and mutual help.


To serve as a coordinating body committed to promote, support and
sustain in the socio-economic condition and developmental initiatives of the poor and the marginalized through social mobilization, empowerment and decentralization.

Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Arunthathy K P