Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is an International Catholic missionary movement at the service of the Church. The movement follows a lifestyle modelled on the life of Jesus Christ, based on what it calls ‘six pillars’, namely, Prayer, Word of God , Sacramental Life, Fellowship, evangelization and Preferential option for the poor”. The Jesus Youth lifestyle is built around true, enduring friendships. Hands held together, journeys begun and continued together, words of comfort and understanding, prayers lifted up in unity–all these expressions of friendship have been the warp and weft of the movement. Here, simple friendships often deepen into spiritual relationships within cell groups, sharing groups, prayer groups and other meeting points while remaining rooted in an all-encompassing friendship with Jesus.

Jesus Youth of BVM Holy Cross College conducts fellowship gatherings every Wednesday at 3.30 pm. During fellowship gathering, students are enlightened to the word of God, spiritual lessons and moral values. Games and leisure activities are also conducted to instil in students a value of teamwork, ethics and companionship. The core team meetings are conducted every Tuesday to discuss about how to conduct the fellowship gathering, to pray for the students of our college, to intercede for the people who have requested prayers, and offer prayers for the well-being of humanity. The core team consists of six members, under the leadership of a coordinator and assistant coordinator from students. The core team is guided by the college animators for Jesus Youth. They guide the team on how to guide the students, on developing our personal prayer life and on leading the Jesus Youth in our college.

In the month of October, Jesus Youth conducts Holy Rosary every day in the prayer hall. During the season of Lent, Jesus Youth of BVM we recites the Way of the Cross every Friday. We organize at least two outreach programmes every year to old age homes, charity homes, rehabilitation centres, etc.

In the year 2022, we organized an outreach programme at Lourde Bhavan, Pallickathodu where our Jesus Youth members served the mentally challenged and differently abled residents of the charity house. We donated a small amount to cover two days expenses and served food. We spend a whole day helping them, cleaning the surroundings and praying for them.

We also attend the Jesus Youth programmes conducted by the Pala Zone and All Kerala Jesus Youth Teams. Every year students from our college attend the Veritas programme-A Spiritual gathering of JY’s in Pala Zone Area, and several other programs conducted by Jesus Youth Pala.   The prime importance in JY is to share the person, the message and the love of Jesus to humanity. Besides the witnessing to the gospel in their everyday lives, the students initiate and support specific missions to spread the word of God.

College Animator

Ms Elsa Mary Scaria