Women’s Cell (WINGS)


Women the lamp of the world

This is an organization specifically to cater to the needs of girl students of the college as well as women outside the campus. The cell envisions to provide and equip women with skills and tools that will enable them to survive, thrive and succeed in today’s highly competitive world. The women’s cell believes that women need to learn new skills and technologies that will empower, enlighten and encourage them to be independent and successful in this dynamic and vibrant environment, where the opportunities are endless. Our mission is to act as a facilitator in empowering women to take advantage of the myriad opportunities available by making them skilled, independent, confident and aware so that they pursue excellence and distinguish themselves in their lives and become worthy and contributing members of the society.The Women of BVM Holy Cross College is known as WINGS (Women Inspiring Nation’s Growth and Success)


Confident woman empowered to influence society


Promoting women’s professional and individual development through qualitative education and powerful training     


  • To reduce gender disparities in community & help women to have more negotiating power, self-assurance, and autonomy in making decisions.
  •  To provide women more options and freedom for their living
  • To act independently and on behalf of their families in matters of safety.
  • To promote development, empowerment, and advancement of women


Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Sruthymol M S

WINGS Inauguration
Women’s Day Celebration

Events @ 2023-2024

March 15- Women’s Day Celebration

8th March, considered as International Women’s Day. This day brings many things for women – a cause for celebration, a reason to pause and re-evaluate a remembrance, an inspiration and a time to be honored, loved and admired. To honor womanhood, Women Cell of BVM Holy Cross College, Cherpunkal, has celebrated the International Women’s Day on Friday,15th March, 2024 in the college Theater.

For the event, the chief guest was Smt. V. Vigneshwari IAS, Kottayam district collector and the guest of honor were Dr. Rev. Baby Sebastian (College Principal), Miss Deepa Babu (Head of the department of Social Work), Miss Reshma (Assistant Professor cum Coordinator of WINGS) to make the event livelier. The event took place in the presence of honorable dignitaries and fellow students. Dr. Rev. Baby Sebastian, principal of BVM Holy Cross College, welcomed and introduced the chief guest of the day. Miss Deepa babu, Head of the department of Social work has delivered the felicitation speech.

On the same occasion the chief guest Smt. V. Vigneshwari IAS shared her tales of struggle and success during the interactive session with the students. She has also mentioned the importance of gender equality and explained how it is important for a healthy society. The collector addressed that there should be a balance between career and family and without the family support women cannot achieve success.

Before winding up the event, a gift of gratitude was presented to the respected collector by the 6th semester BSW students. Miss Reshma has delivered the vote of thanks. Event enthusiastically and successfully coordinated by the faculty coordinator Miss Reshma (Coordinator of WINGS)

September 19 – Women Support Women

The Women’s Club WINGS at BVM Holy Cross College conducted a comprehensive survey on 19/09/2023. The survey aimed at improving the functioning of the Women’s Club itself and addressing the challenges faced by women students at our college. This survey was an important step in ensuring that the club’s activities are aligned with the needs and aspirations of our female students. 

September 16 – Disseminating Literacy

Literacy Check- Survey

WINGS in association with HOPES conducted a survey named “Disseminating Literacy” on 16/09/2023 on behalf of International Literacy Day. The women cell coordinator guided 21 students in this survey. The survey was conducted among community people in Mutholy panchayat in the fifth ward. The objective of the survey was to know how many people are literate in the mentioned ward, and the importance of education among the community people. And to create an awareness among the students about how a community gives priority for education.

September 14- Creating Hope

Women Cell conducted an extension activity on behalf of World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) in Cherpunkal town. ‘CREATING HOPE’ is the official name of the program with the theme Creating Hope Through Action. The program’s main goal was to raise awareness about suicide prevention. The students who are members of the Women Cell created small slips with motivating quotes and hope-creating images and distributed them among random women in Cherpunkal town on 14th September 2023.

September 5- Letter to your beloved teacher

As part of “Teacher’s Day” celebration WINGS organized a program called “A Letter to beloved teachers” in the college on 04.09.2023. 

 Faculty coordinator : Ms. Reshma K S

Student coordinator : Ms. Mrunalini Saji

July 31 – NGO interventions on Empowerment of Women

Women’s cell named ‘WINGS’conducted a webinar on ” NGO Interventions on Empowerment of Women” on July 28, 2023. The ultimate aim of conducting such an awareness class was to give orientation to students on the NGOs that work for the protection and empowerment of women; they shouldn’t feel that women are alone and unable to handle situations as members of society. Mr. Sajo Joy KAPS State Governing Body Member was the resource person.

July 28 – Meet the champions – Interview

WINGS in association with IQAC, conducted an interview session with the 25th national tug of war champions Ms. Minha Fathima, Ms. Lenha Fathima and Ms. Ananya K  (sub juniors). The event was conducted on July 28, 2023, Friday, at 11:00 a.m. through Google Meet. The ultimate aim of conducting such an interview was to inspire talented individuals to dream and make efforts to achieve success.

July 27 – Paper Seed Pen Workshop

Women Cell conducted a workshop on paper seed pen making on July 27, 2023, Thursday, at 9:00 a.m. in the S2 MSW B batch class room. The ultimate aim of conducting such a workshop is to make participants aware of the role of each individual in creating a sustainable environment and how paper seed pens can be made.

July 24,25,26 – Weaving Dreams

The three day’s stitching and embroidery class was organized by WINGS Club (Women Inspiring Nations Growth and Success) from 24th July 2023. The main purpose of the program was to provide free stitching classes to the female students of the college who are interested in stitching and embroidery work and to enhance their artistic sense. It was a very well-planned class and many students gratefully participated in this three day’s stitching class. Anitta Abraham was the resource person

June 21 – Inauguration of WINGS 2023-2024

BVM Holy Cross College, Cherpunkal, WINGS club inauguration for the year 2023-24 was conducted on 21-06-2023. Smt. Angha Kolath was the guest- she is a prominent writer gave a motivational speech for women to fly high with their wings and inaugurated the programs for this academic year.