Quiz Club

The Quiz Club of BVM Holy Cross College, Cherpunkal provides an excellent learning platform for students through competitive spirit and contest. The club confers the students immense opportunities to quench their thirst for knowledge and this will be the right choice for all the knowledge seekers. To survive and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive global scenario, the Quiz Club of BVM Holy Cross College catalyzes the youngsters to taste the glory of victory.

The club organizes various quizzing sessions on significant topics, commemorates important days through quiz programmes and motivates the students to take part in intercollegiate quiz contests conducted every year. The Keraleeyam quiz organized by the club for the entire college received wide acclaim.


  • To promote enthusiasm among the students in general knowledge and other significant topics.
  • To create a quizzing talent and the zest to learn.
  • To evolve a spirit of competition among students and to enable the youngsters to grab every opportunity to quiz.
  • To encourage the students to take part in various quiz competitions conducted by the Quiz Club thereby facilitating them to participate in interdepartmental and intercollegiate competitions.
  • To lead the budding talents to the vast ocean of knowledge.
  • To promote a healthy debate among the participants to learn from each other harmoniously.

Faculty Coordinators

Dr Bhagyasree B.
Ms Remya Raghavan

Latest Events

Seven Day Quiz Series For Teachers
Quiz On Tourism


October 9- Quiz on Tourism
September 13-19 – Seven Day Quiz Series For Teachers

September 12- Quiz on Literacy