SC/ST Cell (RAY Club)

The RAY club is a student organization at BVM Holy Cross College Cherpunkal that is dedicated to promoting research and innovation of the students belongs to SC/ST/OEC Category. The club was founded in 2023 and has since grown to over 45 members.

The club’s activities include:
● Hosting workshops and seminars on Skill Development of students
● Mentoring students in their Academic endeavors
● Promoting the Futuristic visibility of Students

Office Bearers of the SC/ST Cell

#Office BearersDesignation
1Rev. Dr. Baby Sebastian (Principal)Chairman
2Mr. Bilas Joseph (Faculty)Coordinator
3Ms. Sruthymol M. S (Faculty)Member
4Ms. Juby Sebastian(Clerk)Member

Faculties in Charge

Mr.Bilas Joseph
Ms. Sruthymol M .S.