Language Club

Language plays a significant role in the construction of society and individuality. The Language Club at BVM Holy Cross College works with the aim of understanding the importance of language and developing language orientation in students. The Club also focuses the development of language skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The students get myriads of opportunities to practice language by watching movies, playing language games, staging drama and a lot more entertaining activities.


  • To support the ability to communicate, express, and understand feelings.
  • To provide the opportunity to understand language as a powerful tool to be used against social inequalities and violence.
  • To develop an attitude of understanding and respecting dialects.
  • To assist students to achieve the language competency needed for professional success.
  • To develop confidence and skills to communicate.
  • To support the students to communicate effectively in real-life situations, both in oral and written form.
  • To develop interpersonal and group communication skills, mutual understanding and social relationships within the group.

Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Sruthymol M.S