Reading Club

BVM Holy cross College Reading Club, is a vibrant space where students come together to explore the diverse realms of literature and engage in thoughtful discussions. This club offers a platform to broaden the literary horizons, exchange perspectives, and foster a deeper understanding of the written word.

  • Expand Literary Horizons: Encounter a wide array of genres, authors, and styles that you might not have explored on your own, encouraging a more diverse reading experience.
  • Enhance Critical Thinking: Engage in in-depth discussions that cultivate your analytical skills, enabling you to delve deeper into themes, characters, and narrative structures.
  • Influence Future Reading Choices: Benefit from fellow members’ book recommendations, shaping your reading list for both the club and personal enjoyment.
  • Engage with Authors and Experts: Explore the possibility of hosting author talks, literary events, and discussions with experts in relevant fields, providing unique insights into the books you read.

Join us in the College Reading Club and embark on a journey of literary exploration that promises not only to enhance your reading experience but also to enrich your overall college experience.

Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Asha Ramachandran