Photography Club

Photography Club in BVM Holy Cross college on behalf of Film & Media Studies department typically refers to a student organization or group that is focused on promoting and engaging in various aspects of photography. It serves as a platform for students who are interested in photography to come together, share their passion, learn new techniques, and collaborate on photography-related projects.

The Photography Club offers a range of activities and opportunities, such as:

Workshops and Training

The club organizes workshops and training sessions on different aspects of photography, such as composition, lighting, editing software, and camera techniques. These sessions are beneficial for students to enhance their photography skills and knowledge.

Photography Trips and Expeditions

The club arranges photography trips to interesting locations, where members can practice their skills in real-world settings and capture unique images.

Exhibitions and Competitions

           Members of the club get the chance to showcase their work in exhibitions or participate in photography contests. This can provide exposure for their talents and allow them to receive feedback from peers and professionals.

Guest Speakers and Industry Professionals

The club invites guest speakers from the photography industry to share their experiences, insights, and expertise with the members. This can help students gain a better understanding of the various career paths in photography.

Networking Opportunities

The photography club helps students connect with others with similar interests. It can also provide a platform for networking with professionals and enthusiasts in the field of photography.

Collaborative Projects

Members can collaborate on photography projects, such as themed photo shoots, photo documentaries, or multimedia presentations.

Equipment and Facilities

Some clubs may have access to photography equipment and facilities, such as studio space, darkrooms, or editing stations, which can be beneficial for members who want to experiment and create high-quality work.

Faculty Coordinator

Fr Geemon Jose


August 18-Spot Photography Competition

On behalf of World Photography Day, on August 18, 2023 Photography Club at BVM Holy Cross College Conducted Spot Photography Competition for all the students, Staff & Non-teaching staff.